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Computer GK in Hindi

Computer GK in Hindi

Computer GK in Hindi के इस Post में आप 100 से अधिक Computer Related Important Full Form के बारे में जानेंगे। यह प्रश्न आपको Competitive Exam में पूछा जाता है, इसलिए इसे ध्यान से पढ़कर याद कर लीजिये। 


A/D: Analog for Digital

AI: Artificial Intelligence

ALGOL: Algorithmic Language

ALU: Arithmetic Logic Unit

Alt: Alternate

AM: Amplitude Modulation

AMD: Advanced Micro Device

ANSI: American National Standards Institute

ARPNET: Advanced Research Project Agency Network

ASIC: Application Specific Integration Circuit

ASCII: US Standard Code for Information Interchange

ATM: Asynchronous Transfer Mode / Automatic Teller Machine

BARC: Bhabha Atomic Research Center

Basic: Beginning all purpose Symbolic in suction code

BCD: Binary Coded Decimals

BMA: Business Equipments Association

BIOS: Basic Input Output System

BCR: Bar Code Reader

BPI: Byte Per Inch

BPS: Bits per Second

CAD: Computer Aided Design

Cal: Computer Aided Leasing

CAM: Computer Aided Manufacturing

CD: Compact Disc

C-DAC: Center for Development of Advanced Computing

C-DOT: Development Center of Telemetric

CD-R: Compact Disc Recordable

CD-ROM: Compact Disc Read-only Memory

CMOS: Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

COBOL: General Business Oriented Language

CMY: Sion Magenta Yellow

CPI: Character Per Inch

CPU: Central Processing Unit

CRS: Computerized Reservation System

CRT: Cathode Ray Tube

CTS: Clear to Send

Ctrl: Control

CU: Control Unit

D/A: Digital To Analog

DBMS: Data Base Management System

DB: Database

DDS: Digital Data Storage

DEC: Digital Equipment Corporation

DOS: Disk Operating System

DOC: Document

Dpi: Dots per inch

DRDO: Defense Research and Development Organization

DSHD: Double Sided High Density

DTP: Desk Open Publication

DTR: Data Terminal Ready

DTS: Digital Theater System

DVD: Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc

E-business: Electronic Business

E-commerce: Electronic Commerce

E-mail: Electronic Mail

EDP: Electronic Data Processing

EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer

ENIAC: Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator

EPROM: Read Earsable Programmable Ony Memory

ERNET: Education and Research Network

FAT: File Allocation Table

FD: Floppy Disk

FDM: Frequency Division Multiplexing

FET: Eiffel Impact Transfer

FIFO: First-In, First Out

Philo: First in Last out

FM: Frequency Modulation

FORTRAN: Formula Translation

FTP: File Transfer Protocol

GOOGLE: Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth

GB: Giga Bytes

GBPS: Giga Bytes Per Second

Giga: Trash in the Trash

GIS: Geographic Information System

GP: Graphics Port

GSM: Global System for Mobile Communication

GPL: General Public License

GPS: Global Positioning System

GUI: Graphical User Interface

HLL: High Level Language

HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language

HTTP: Hyper Text Protocol

HTTPS: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

IBM: International Trade Machines

IC: Integrated Circuit

I/O: Input Output

IP: Internet Protocol

IP address: Internet Protocol address

IRC: Internet Relay Chat

ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network

ISH: Information Super Highway

ISO: International Standards Organization

ISP: Internet Service Provider

IT: Information Technology

JPG/JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group

JRE: Java Runtime Engine

JSP: Java Server Pages

KB: Kg Bytes

KIPS: Knowledge Information Processing System

LAN: Local Area Network

Laser: Light amplification for stimulated emission of radiation

LCD: Liquid Crystal Display

LD: Laser Diode

LED: Light Emitting Diode

LLL: Low Level Language

LSI: Mass Integration

Man: Metropolitan Area Network

MBPS: Mega Bytes Per Second

MB: Mega bytes

MHz: Mega Hertz

MICR: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIPS: Million Instructions Per Second

MS Office: Microsoft Office

Modem: Modulator Demodulator

MOPS: Million Operations Per Second

MOS: Metal Oxide Semiconductor

WAP: Wireless Application Protocol

SDK: Software Development Kit

Wi Fi : Wireless Fidelity

WWW: World Wide Web

UPS: Uniterruptible Power Supply

ZB: Zetta Byte

3G: 3rd Generation