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Answer Passive Voice Sentences

Passive Voice Exercises in English


01. English is taught to me.

02. Deepawali is celebrated in the month of November.

03. Newspaper is read every day.

04. I am loved by mom.

05. Children are feed by their mom.

06. English is spoken all over the world.

07. A piece of work is being done.

08. A road is being built by the gevernment.

09. I am not loved.

10. Deepawali is not celebrated in December.

11. Hindi is not spoken all over the world.

12. Why is a letter written ?

13. What are the poor fed ?

14. How long is Deepawali celebrated ?

15. Where are white tigers found ?

16. Why are children not taught ?

17. The bell is not being rung by the peon.

18. Is English being taught ?

19. Am I being asked to stay here ?

20. Is cross border terrorism being enhanced ?

21. Why are green trees being cut ?

22. How is computer being operated ?

23. How long are you being troubled ?

24. How much are the children being fed ?

25. How many children are being fed ?

26. Why are these children not being fed ?

27. Why is the car not being driven ?

28. I have been fed.

29. It has been done.

30. It has been done by me.