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Answer Affirmative Sentences

Simple Future Tense Exercises in English


Subject + will + Verb ( 1st ) + Object.


सभी Singular subject और Plural subject के साथ "will" का प्रयोग किया जाता है।


01. I will ask him.

02. I will tell you.

03. I will help you.

04. I will do this well.

05. Rohan will go to school tomorrow.

06. I will read this book.

07. I will talk to him.

08. We will go tomorrow.

09. Rani will be at home.

10. I will win this match.

11. Rohan will go home.

12. I will consider.

13. I will do it.

14. I will think.

15. I will play.

16. I will write.

17. I will win.

18. I will go to school now.

19. Raju will be in school.

20. He will come now.