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Answer Modals Sentences

Modals Exercises in English


01. I can go.

02. I can do it.

03. I can play cricket.

04. I can drive the car.

05. Suhana can go to school.

06. It may rain tomorrow.

07. You should do this.

08. You should go to school.

09. Rohit should sleep now.

10. You must obey to her.

11. Rajesh should go there.

12. You should say something.

13. He should go home.

14. You should have gone to school.

15. You must go to school.

16. I have to go to the market.

17. Roshni has to go to school.

18. You have to come home.

19. You have to go to Delhi.

20. You had to go to school.

21. Reena had to go to coaching class.

22. I will have to go home now.

23. You will have to do this.

24. I will not be able to do this.

25. You will not be able to do this.