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Answer Negative Sentences

Simple Past Tense Exercises in English


Subject  + did not / didn't + Verb ( 1st ) + Object.


यहाँ पर सभी Subject के साथ "did not" और क्रिया ( Verb ) में 1st Form लगाते हैं।


01. I did not go home.

02. Sonam did not go to school.

03. Sangeeta did not come home.

04. I did not teach him.

05. I did not tell him.

06. He did not save me.

07. He did not tell me.

08. Reena did not buy a pen.

09. Mohit did not fall.

10. Raju did not forget money.

11. He did not answer.

12. God did not save us.

13. I did not buy the car.

14. I did not help to him.

15. The class did not start.

16. Ramesh did not hit me.

17. The sun did not rise.

18. The sun did not set.

19. Rohit did not win the match.

20. Santosh did not lose the match.